Reducing my footprint

I believe that publicly publishing my efforts to reduce my environmental and digital footprints is a useful measure in accountability.

Last updated: May 19, 2021

Carbon offsetting

My digital footprint & privacy

My wider environmental impact

Carbon offsetting

While I do my best to live a relatively low carbon lifestyle by European standards, the majority of my emissions come from travel. The best solution here would be to reduce, which I intend to do, but much of that travel is to get to and from work, and I can’t/don’t want to give up work!

The next best option in the meantime is to offset the carbon I generate through these flights/drives. For this, I’ve selected a great organisation called Gold Standard, which supports sustainable projects around the world to help people in the short term while preventing carbon emissions in the long term. It isn’t as immediate or quantifiable as “tree planting” but I think it’s more meaningful to the communities they work with.

Currently, I am offsetting 1.5X the estimated carbon tonnage of each flight I take and 0.9X the estimated* carbon tonnage of personal vehicle usage. This website is designed to be emissions efficient and is powered by renewable energy.

* It’s hard to guess these figures accurately without creating a perfect log of my driving efficiency and milage. Instead, I use average emissions figures for my demographic to calculate this amount.

My digital footprint & privacy

I am trying to significantly reduce my digital footprint and secure rights to my data. To this end, I’ve started to delete or reduce my social media presence, and removed a large amount of data from public record.

All my professional files and correspondence are now stored on encrypted servers which I pay for and I am attempting to achieve this with a greater portion of my personal data. I request that companies I work for hold my data on private, encrypted servers.

It probably seems a little strange for me to have a public website despite these efforts, but I don’t believe that publicly accessible information is intrinsically bad. Rather, I want to drastically reduce the availability of that information to for-profit tech giants and governments.

My wider environmental impact

  • I am a vegetarian and am transitioning to an entirely plant based diet
  • When renting private accommodation, I use renewable energy sources when available
  • I am committed to decreasing my electronic, clothing, and white goods consumption

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